Career Profile

Build and Release engineer, systems engineer, configuration manager, Software Application developer, Project lead engineer, Computer Forensic Analyst. Specializing in python/c#/c++/perl applications on windows and linux systems, as well as automated build systems design, implementation, and management. Familiar with OsX, Linux. Perforce Administrator. Familiar with Git


Volunteer database administrator

Seattle Folklore Society, Seattle, WA

Porting database to linux, Managing mysql database maintenance and backups, Writing shell scripts to extract data,Working on a new version of the entire system in python

Build Engineer .net core

2018 - Current
MOTIV / Microsoft, Seattle, WA

Build monitoring, GitHub Issue tracking, Azure Devops build analysis, Source Code History Analysis, Managing reliability of the build system, Improving the machine learning driven log parser in Azure function apps, shell scripting as needed, here mostly windows cmd, python and c#

Systems engineer / configuration management engineer

2012 - 2018
Tableau Software, Seattle, WA

Increased availability and reliability of more than 600 machine build grid on windows server, macOS, Linux, Perforce administrator, minor GitLab integration and administration, Managed SSL certificates for all platforms, Python, bash, CMD scripting for administration of TeamCity, Perforce, Git, and integration with TFS. Also created scripting to automate build machine cleanup and file server management, Created System inventory tools – reduced time to find certain classes of problems from infinity to a few minutes, TeamCity CI system scripting and command line tools. TeamCity data display in Tableau visualizations, Managed windows Symbol server problem analysis and space grooming, File server administration – problem analysis and grooming, Virtual machine management in Amazon Web Services, and OpenStack. Used Python and Terraform for automation. Some work with Docker, Created add on in python to track perforce integrations by change list, and Git commits, and display data in a web form through Team Foundation Server, Created Perforce triggers to improve developer productivity and reduce mistakes, Third level build issue support on all platforms, Agile scrum master, Shell scripting in windows cmd, bash, python, occasionally powershell.

Build and Release engineer, IT administrator

2014 - 2015
Cypress Consulting, Seattle WA

Responsible for all build and release activities for all products, Windows 7 & 8, Windows Phone 7, Windows Azure, macOS, iOS, Xbox. Setup and maintained Jenkins and build systems, manage Subversion and TFS source code control Worked with Codebox submissions. Designed and implemented multi-product/project Xbox code sharing solution. Designed and implemented Subversion reliable backup system. Designed and implemented secure source code release mechanism

Grand High Poo Bah

2011 - Current
BigPencil Group, Seattle, WA

Publishing on Amazon Kindle

Contractor Build engineer, Health Systems Group

2011 - 2012
Microsoft, Redmond, WA

Responsible for build processes, localization. Build support, scripting, break analysis, infrastructure, hardware.

SDE/SDET/Builder Build and Release

2005 - 2011
Microsoft, Redmond, WA

Responsible for parallel build processes and infrastructure and tools development for all of Windows Live Experience both Windows and Mac OS, approximately 10000 builds per week

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I do ocaisional projects on the side programming in Python, 3d printing, Arduino microcontrollers and Raspberry Pi